To Deliver … Or Not …

Ok, so I don’t know why, but this issue really has gotten under my skin.  I’m not usually one to get on the band wagon of community debate or issues or even really have much of an opinion about things … but the Postie Pandemonium has certainly touched a nerve with me.

I guess I can’t understand what all the fuss is about … just go to the Post Office and get your mail … it’s what people with Post Office Boxes have been doing for, well, ever since they were invented!  And we aren’t the only town without street delivery service … Broome has a population of around 11,500 people, a lot more than Newman, and they don’t have street delivery.  And yes, they only have one Post Office.  Lots of small towns in the South West don’t have street delivery service … can you hear them complaining?  No really, can you?   Just because we are a mining town, does that make us special?  I think we have enough privileges … boom town or not … it’s not going to hurt us to have a temporary lapse in our mail delivery service.  And yes yes, I can hear you scoffing at the privledge comment … I know we don’t have a dentist … but I’m not talking about that … this is in no way in the same league as our non existent dental care.

Which brings me to another point … it’s not like it’s a permanent thing … chances are that someone will put their hand up to be the new postie … surely!?!  And the street delivery service hasn’t even ceased yet … so imagine the who har that’s going to go on next week.  Think I’ll have to leave town … or I might just bite the end of my tongue off trying to keep my mouth shut.

Now, let’s all do something constructive and start looking at some issues of importance … um, I don’t know … like the fact that each night there are over 100,000 people who are homeless (yes, ok I watched The Block last night) or the fact that because I’m going out for dinner tonight I’m going to miss Packed to the Rafters … or even better … put your hand up and be the new postie … let me know if you need a hand choosing the colour of your mohawk for your helmet.

Until next time …

pp xx