To Deliver … Or Not …

Ok, so I don’t know why, but this issue really has gotten under my skin.  I’m not usually one to get on the band wagon of community debate or issues or even really have much of an opinion about things … but the Postie Pandemonium has certainly touched a nerve with me.

I guess I can’t understand what all the fuss is about … just go to the Post Office and get your mail … it’s what people with Post Office Boxes have been doing for, well, ever since they were invented!  And we aren’t the only town without street delivery service … Broome has a population of around 11,500 people, a lot more than Newman, and they don’t have street delivery.  And yes, they only have one Post Office.  Lots of small towns in the South West don’t have street delivery service … can you hear them complaining?  No really, can you?   Just because we are a mining town, does that make us special?  I think we have enough privileges … boom town or not … it’s not going to hurt us to have a temporary lapse in our mail delivery service.  And yes yes, I can hear you scoffing at the privledge comment … I know we don’t have a dentist … but I’m not talking about that … this is in no way in the same league as our non existent dental care.

Which brings me to another point … it’s not like it’s a permanent thing … chances are that someone will put their hand up to be the new postie … surely!?!  And the street delivery service hasn’t even ceased yet … so imagine the who har that’s going to go on next week.  Think I’ll have to leave town … or I might just bite the end of my tongue off trying to keep my mouth shut.

Now, let’s all do something constructive and start looking at some issues of importance … um, I don’t know … like the fact that each night there are over 100,000 people who are homeless (yes, ok I watched The Block last night) or the fact that because I’m going out for dinner tonight I’m going to miss Packed to the Rafters … or even better … put your hand up and be the new postie … let me know if you need a hand choosing the colour of your mohawk for your helmet.

Until next time …

pp xx

Postie Pandemonium!

Today something caught my eye that made me think … hmmm I must start writing my blog again … I’ve had a few attempts at getting back into things but was still not “feeling it” … but today a little issue has built a burning fire inside of me that has made my fingers hit the key board … and no it wasn’t that my little puppy ate chillies and burnt his bottom … that lit a burning fire inside of him … not me.

Today all residents of Newman got a notification in their letter box informing them that as of 14th May we will no longer get mail delivered to our letter boxes.  Instead, people will need to go to the post office and collect their mail from the hatch.  Wow, by the sounds of things, the world is ending and life as we know it will not go on.

As most small towns do, we have several “moan and groan” type pages on Facebook … and well, hasn’t this little doozie caused a stir!  People are up in arms about having to go to the Post Office to collect their mail.  Now, since I’ve lived here, I’ve had a PO Box, so I go to the Post Office every day to collect my mail … sometime twice a day if I’m waiting for something particularly exciting!  Gee the calories I must burn exerting this energy to make the perhaps 2 km journey.  You would think I’d be skinnier than I am lol.

For me, having a PO Box means that my mail never gets wet, stolen or blown away and I’m always able to pick up parcels when I go into the Post Office.  When I go away I don’t have to worry about someone “collecting my mail”.  And yes it costs a huge $90 a year (don’t quote me, but it’s not over $100) … and really if you work it out that’s like a huge $0.24c per day.  Really, it’s not going to break the bank!

Several people have brought up things like, well why should I pay for a PO Box when now everyone’s mail gets held at the Post Office (well having a PO Box means you can check your mail any time of the day or night).  And why don’t we call our local Member for Parliament and Shire Councillors … yes because they are really going to care about something so trivial … they aren’t saying we aren’t going to get our mail at all, just that you’ll have to go to the Post Office to get it.

Why don’t we spare a thought for the poor ladies that run the Post Office – they are now going to be inundated (more than they already are) with people demanding their mail.  And do you really think they get paid the big bucks?  I’m sure they’d much rather have a higher paid job … but as the saying goes … someone’s gotta do it.  Or I guess NOT in this case.  What would everyone do if there was no one to man the actually post office?  Now that, I admit, might be something to moan about.

And why are we no longer having a mail service you might ask?  Because no one is willing to take on the contract to do it.  Because obviously it doesn’t pay enough and doesn’t come with housing.  And really who would want to do it with everyone constantly whinging about the services in town on FB?

But seriously people, suck it up.  … sooooo sick of the whinging and whining about what we don’t have in this town … seriously if you don’t like it … leave … or better still become a postie!!! Broome doesn’t have a mail delivery service … big whoop … get a PO Box and start worrying about the bigger things in life!!!

Gee whiz, surely I’m not a Princess anymore huh!

pp xx