Man Flu has hit the Outback

It’s official … Mr W. has come down with a severe case of Man Flu.  Apparently he is rather close to death, poor poppet.  Every breath could well be his last.  His whole body aches, apparently.  Could this just be a case of the common cold or flu?  Well, for the female population, this would be just that, the common cold.  But for Mr W., God bless his cotton socks, this is a life threatening virus that could very well end his existence.  Ho hum.

Mr W. said to me on Friday … “Kate, I think I’m going to die”.  To which I replied, “well can you hurry up please?”.  Heartless I know, but seriously boys, it’s only the flu.

I must say the onset of this particular strain of Man Flu could not have come at a more convenient time for Mr W.  On Thursday night he announced that he was going to be spending Friday re-doing my herb garden (after the dogs destroyed it), cleaning the house and cooking me a lovely dinner.  Unfortunately he was struck down on Friday morning with the Man Flu.  It really did knock him down fast.

I have spent the last few days taking care of poor Mr W., playing nurse, which let me tell you does not come all that naturally to me (I would have to be the most unsympathic person when it comes to other people’s illnesses … come on now, toughen up princess).  Now I’ve avoided the temptation to don the Naughty Nurse’s costume, I mean, since Mr W. is that close to death it would be unfair to taunt him with such things.

No, I’ve been more than just a nurse, I have become his personal chef, cleaner and housekeeper.  Cups of tea, glasses of cold orange juice, chocolate, fresh fruit, fizzy vitamin Cs have all been at his disposal at any tick of the clock.  Thank the lord I refrained from giving him one of those bells.

Although I must make a small confession.  We decided last week to go on a bit of a health kick, after spending 4 weeks of living it up doing the Gibb River Road.  Well, I’ve kind of used Mr W.’s severe case of Man Flu to get some goodies back into the house.  You know, cos when you’re sick you want chocolate and lemonade and baked goods.  Ha ha … I’ve filled the cupboard and fridge with said goods, all for Mr W. of course, just in case he should need said goods to aid in a speedy recovery.

Get well soon Mr W., your fans need you 😉

pp xx

ps … just a little note to Mr W. … if, God forbid, I become ill with a strain of said man flu please let it be known that I will require 24 hour care and a multitude of affection.  Trying to get out of looking after me in this state will result in consequences beyond your worst nightmares.  thank you.  love pp xx