Gibb River Hilton – Part 7 “Morning Gorgy”

Forget Jane Fonda girls, “morning gorgy” is the way to get those buns of steel!  And you know, I wasn’t too keen to begin with, but after seeing the Grey Nomads charging through, I decided if they can do it, then so can I!  And I’m not talking about gorging on chocolate and cheesecake either, I’m talking about gorging on good old eco tourism.  It’s still a definite buzz word up this way, everybody’s doing it!

Mr W. and I have done lots of gorging on our trip … Windjana, Lennard’s, Galvan’s, Amalia, Moonshine, Emma … you could say that we’re “all gorged out”.  Needless to say I’ve got buns of steel and skinny ankles to match.  No seriously … although whether the buns of steel are from “gorging” or squatting is anybody’s guess.

After the second gorge, I decided that I wanted to be a tour guide.  It all seems so glamourous.  And then I started talking to the tour guides, who told me that they have to drive and cook, as well as do bush mechanics on the side of the road if the bus breaks down.  And then the second light bulb struck … Mr W. and I could do it together.  For some reason, he wasn’t as keen on this idea as I was.  In fact, his answer … “I’m not sure if I want to”.  Something about being stuck with me 24 hours a day, doing all the work.  I don’t know, I tuned out … I was too busy day dreaming about leading a group of tourists through gorges by day and dining out under the stars at night.  Personally, I didn’t see the problem.

Now, I’d like to share some more of my “gorge wisdom” with you … just a few tit bits I’ve picked up along the way:

  • Cookie Monster knickers are apparently not appropriate attire for swimming at Emma Gorge whilst in the company of a tour bus (according to Mr W.).  But with boobs like mine, you can’t exactly go hiking through gorges in bikini tops.
  • Try and go to the loo prior to embarking on a walk into the gorge, especially if it’s going to be a few hours.  The sound of running water will get you everytime (and take it from me, trying to squat on top of a gorge and hide from other tourists  at the same time is no mean feat).
  • If the sign says to take a couple of litres of water, it’s probably not a bad idea, after all, they are the experts.  I’m just saying.

pp xx