Gibb River Hilton – Part 8 “Never Smile at a Crocodile”

Have you seen a “snappy handbag” up close and personal?  I have, and let me tell you, it’s not pretty.  Believe those designer croc skin shoes have had a hell of a lot of work done!

When I first embarked on our big adventure, everyone kept trying to scare me with tales of crocs.  They told me they would be everywhere, trying to drag me out of my swag as I slept (hence why we slept above ground in a camper trailer).  They told me they would snatch me from the banks of rivers as I washed the dishes (ha ha like hell, that’s Mr W.’s job).

Well, I never really believed any of this hoo ha.  I mean, the little freshies at Windjana Gorge certainly weren’t going to be dragging me anywhere.  Now I’m not saying that I was willing to go swimming in Lake Kununurra, however I really didn’t believe all the hype about these animals.

That was until a visit to the croc farm.  After this, there is no way that I would even contemplate swimming anywhere in the Kimberlies, even with the little freshies!!   However, I have decided that we can learn a lot from these majestic creatures … perhaps it was they who created the first versions of “Men are from Mars” (but maybe they called it “Men are from the Marsh”).

Many of the crocs at the croc farm co-inhabit the same pond … that is, they live together as “couples”.  However, most of the time, the male won’t tolerate the female around all the time, so they put a hole in the wall so that he can have his own time in his own pond.  Hmmmm sounds like someone else I know … not mentioning any names … Mr W. …  Although, after coinhabiting the same camper trailer/hotel room as Mr W. for about 4 weeks I’m starting to see where the crocs are coming from.  I mean, there are some things that you want to remain a mystery, you want to try and keep that tiny little flicker of romance alive.

Mr & Mrs Mud Gecko ... aren't they a beautiful couple!

Although there is some hope.  There is a couple of crocs at the farm that inhabit the same pond who are actually quite romantic with each other.  The tour guide said that they are often seen cuddling up together on the edge of their pond, putting their claws around each other and generally being quite “lovey dovey”.  They don’t need a break from each other and never use their hole in the wall.  I’ve decided that perhaps Mr Loved Up Croc could have a little word to Mr W., maybe tell him the secret to their love nest?  It’s worth a try?

pp xx