The Best Underwater Ceramic Technician He’s Ever Had …

Over the past 3 weeks, I have prided myself on becoming somewhat of a domestic goddess.   People that know me and love me (yes, you know who you are) will tell you that I am generally not the most organised, tidiest or for that matter domestic sort of girl.  In saying that, I can cook (thanks to a few months in Italy) … it’s more a lack of motivation to do so really.

And so Mr W. has been witness to the massive backflip of this little princess over the past few weeks.  Bathrooms have been spotless, bins emptied (and even hosed out), washing has been done … and a myriad of hot dinners have appeared on the table, generally followed by dessert.

I made it my mission over the past few weeks to perfect the art of Lemon Meringue Pie (LMP).  You see, LMP is Mr W.’s favourite dessert … but as you girls would know, we can never do it as good as his mum (and in this case, it’s a hard task as his mum’s LMP is the bomb) .  Well the first attempt was with store bought pastry and green lemons … all things considered, it really wasn’t that offensive.  However, I must say, my second attempt was a lot better, delicious actually (Mr W.’s words!).  Just don’t tell him that I bought that pastry too, he thinks I kneaded it myself 😉

Now the fact that I have turned into a Nigella Clone extraordinaire does not mean that I haven’t had my fair share of mishaps … I wouldn’t be me without these.

There was my first day in Newman, where upon waking up I thought I would impress Mr W. with my washing skills.  Into the laundry I went, pressing all sorts of buttons on the washing machine.   Without giving it another thought I followed Mr W. down to the only supermarket in town, and then back again.  Upon our return, Mr W. said “honey, that washing machine doesn’t sound right”.  I raced into the laundry to discover the water was not only ankle deep in the laundry, but also in the spare bedroom, bathroom and passage way.  Washing Machine 1 : Pilbara Princess 0.  Lifting the lid of the washing machine to stop the water flow, I discovered that all the hoses were fine, the water was actually overflowing from the drum.  Apparently I had set it to be “super high” (translation: overflow and spoil my fabulous first day impressions).  Needless to say I spent the next hour mopping up the water with every towel in the house.  At least I didn’t have to wash the floor for a few days.

And then there was my quiche (or bacon and egg pie as Mr W. refers to it, cos you know, real men don’t eat quiche).  Well you see, there was only a little milk left and it was a long weekend (and to be honest, I really didn’t want to drive the manual four wheel drive down to the deli) … so I made quiche with only a dash of milk … definitely the recipe for disaster.  And so, when Mr W. arrived home from a hard day at work, I served up a fabulous looking quiche … or as we discovered upon eating it … scrambled eggs tossed with bacon & sweet potatoe … and wrapped in pastry …. but to his credit, he ate every bit and told me it was lovely.  Awwhhh he really is just gorgeous xx.

Oh … and in case you were wondering about “underwater ceramic technicians” (better known as someone that does the bloody dishes) … it’s what the blokes around these parts refer to their “other halves” as … and let me tell you, I much prefer this title than “the new cook”.  It sounds a bit more classy, don’t you think.  And as you know, class is all important to us princesses.

pp xx
underwater ceramic technician