It’s Mrs W. to You!

Hello!  It’s been a while … but some recent rest and relaxation have given me the inspiration I need to come back to my “old” PP blog.  Where to start?  There is a bit to catch up on before I start telling you tales from my somewhat interesting life in the Pilbara.

Well … first things first … I’m now Mrs W.  That’s right Mr W. & I tied the knot.  Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances it wasn’t our “Home Valley Station” Cowboy Wedding, but it was beautiful all the same.  In January of last year my gorgeous Mum was diagnosed with malignent melanoma and by April we got the feeling that waiting until September to get married would be too late to have Mum there with us.  So one night over a few glasses of wine we made the decision to change the wedding from 3rd September to 15th June … a Wednesday, perfect day for a wedding!  In fact we pretty much organised the whole thing in just four weeks.  I still had my dream dress, it was just minus the cowboy boots.  We swapped boab trees for water … and not just the ocean … there was a massive storm the day we got married, it was so wet we nearly didn’t get to have photos outside!  Apparently that’s good luck though … a wet knot is harder to untie, or something like that.  But best of all, I got to have my Mum at our wedding.

But of course it didn’t go off without a few mishaps … what with my Dad and brother getting Mr W. absolutely blind the night before the wedding (although he probably didn’t need much help) and the fact that our beach wedding turned into getting married in the Surf Lifesaving Club as it was too wet and cold to stand outside.  Yep, about 11pm the night before our wedding I had a phone call from Mr W.’s phone, except it didn’t sound like Mr W. and I had no hesitation in telling whoever it was that had stolen his phone to get a life and quit bugging me.  But the next morning I found out that it actually was my darling husband to be and now he had the world’s biggest hangover.  So I spent the morning bawling my eyes out wondering if he was actually going to be standing at the end of the aisle at 3pm that afternoon.  Turns out he was, albeit very seedy and shaking like a leaf.  Thanks honey, I’ll remember that one.

And so, the past six months have been a rollercoaster of emotion … three weeks after our wedding my dear Mum passed away.  So you can imagine I really haven’t felt much like blogging.  But, Mum wouldn’t want me to not write and so after 10 glorious nights with Mr W. in Broome Town, it’s time to start recounting tales of the Pilbara Princess and her adventures with Mr W.

Stay tuned folks …

pp xx