About Kate

My name is Kate, Katiebo to those that love me.  Most of my friends would describe me as the ulitmate city chick … despite the fact that I grew up in the country.  I love champagne, cocktails, anything sparkly, stilettos are my best friend and I wouldn’t be caught dead in tracksuit pants.  I only drive automatics and need my nails done every second Saturday.  My mobile phone is as much a fashion accessory as it is a method of keeping in touch with friends and family … and I need at least 2 take away coffees a day just to keep the bitchiness at bay.

Well … all this is about to change because I recently moved 1200km North of Perth, after falling in love with a gorgeous man who just happens to live in the Pilbara.  While no one thinks I will survive in this sometimes harsh environment … my blog aims to prove that actually the city girl can survive up here … as long as she has a great sense of humour and lots and lots of red wine … thank goodness you can order that online!

Well … that little “blurb” was written the first week I moved to the beautiful Pilbara … and while some things never changed … two years on I felt this needed a little “update” … check out where I am now here

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