The Big Move

Where do I start?  At the beginning is always a good place!  Well … I think perhaps some background information is needed to fully appreciate the gravity of the move that undertook 2 weeks ago.

The basics … 28 year old single city girl has lived in apartment block akin to Melrose Place for last 3 years.  2 best friends live on either side of my lovely little townhouse which means socialising, champange and coffee were always at my fingertips.  I also lived close to shopping centres … my homes away from home.  Always a sucker for a good cocktail, monthly visits to the hairdresser, fortnightly visits to my nail technician … the dalliances of a city chick.

However, as you can see … there was one catch … “single”.  After dabbling in internet dating for the past 3 years (it was not a complete failure) … I met lots of gorgeous friends through this medium, but never “the one”.

And so it was with great surprise when I met a gorgeous guy one fateful Tuesday morning over coffee … and as with anything there was one “catch” here too … he lived 1200km north … far far away in a mystical red dirt expanse … and this is where the story really begins … after a few weeks of spending time together … both in the city and in the red dirt we decided that there really was something special here and that it would be an option for me to move north and become … you guessed it … the Pilbara Princess!  And so my blog is all about my move north and the culture shock that has ensued … hopefully you will find it as amusing as I have!

The ultimate city girl!


8 comments on “The Big Move

  1. Good on you Kate! Newman is not as bad as some people make out. I have family there. I enjoy reading about your adventures whilst sitting down feeding! xx

  2. I’ve been here for almost 15 months and love love love it. Once you get over the culture shock you’ll find Newman is an awesome place to live – and yes I still wear my knee high boots and stillettos.

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